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The CelticFPA (Celtic Former Players Association) is the official association for former players of Celtic Football Club which has been set up to support former players themselves, their families, and to also help support other similar minded organisations that are either related to the club or endorsed by the various former players of Celtic Football Club.

Our membership which is exclusive to former players of Celtic FC aims to ensure that no former colleague suffers alone or perseveres without access to the support that they may need during times of ill health or uncertainty. For some of us our competitive playing days may be over, but our hearts and desires still burn strong towards maintaining our beliefs and supporting those where we can and where possible to make a positive difference to their lives.

Our association aims to uphold the traditional core values that we have all grown to know and love through being a part of the "Celtic Family". We are on a journey to renew old friendships from days gone by and we certainly hope to create many new friendships along the way as we provide greater access of former players to the supporters and associations.

With your help and support we believe that we can reach out to those in need and carry on with the world wide reputation that we have continued to grow over the many years as being the greatest supporters in the world.

We are in the process of handling memberships so our list will grow in due course as more former players inclusion is confirmed, and we will also be able to bring you much more information surrounding our planned events soon.

In the meantime if you would like to know more about our association you can visit our "about" section which will give you some more details about our plans, core purpose and our overall objectives.

Thank you for your support - Hail Hail!

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* Player statistics mainly cover official league games, therefore some information may not be fully representative depending on individual perspectives.